My dad and I (1999)

I was such a fool
Realizing that I was trapped
in the immatureness
Eating my heart out
I wish I had a lionhearted soul
so I could ask the Lord for
a second bite
at the cherry

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I stood all alone
in front of a hoary house
on the top part of a hill
It was a dead silence
and gray day
I could not even see
the Bay of Biscay
and lost my hearing
I uttered a loud cry
and weeping
I said
‘I’ve done my best
Would it never be enough?’

7th April 2021

Photo by Teigan Rodger on Unsplash

At 11 PM
a man beamed down and
popped a question
‘how was your day?’

I could feel the goose bumps
upon my skin
I squeezed my eyes shut

At 11.11 PM
I heard his deep voice
popped the same question
‘how was your day?’

I ran out of breath
and could not answer
that question
I trapped myself in silence
and went to the slumberland

Photo by shi chenxi on Unsplash

The God of Love, Eros,
was bored to tears
since his twin, Himeros,
had been out to run a mission
from Aphrodite.
Then Eros went down
and saw a fair handsome man, Valentine,
who was running all alone in pain
in an endless alley
while shouting
‘love ain’t real!
love ain’t real!
true love ain’t real!’
Valentine’s soul was gray
and his eyes were full of dismay.
Eros couldn’t help Valentine that time
since Eros lost his lyre, bow, and arrow
when he played with Himeros
last time in Pont Des Arts
and he had to wait for another year
to get the new ones.
Oh, poor Valentine.

14 February 2021

Photo by Lasse Møller on Unsplash

In the smallest place of the world
I met Gabriel and sadly said
“I am weak and exhausted”
Gabriel said to me
“Thou can find the eternal love and happiness in the land of the leal”
I said
“The land of the leal?”
Gabriel smiled,
“Thou are on your way to go there”
Then, he glided and left
I am now questioning a question
“How many more steps should I take
to reach the land of the leal?”

25 July 2020

Photo by Alec Favale on Unsplash

It’s too late
How many times should I say this?
The train of love has departed
and left the vestige of bittersweet memories
And you missed the trip
You certainly missed that

4 June 2020

Photo by Hatice Yardım on Unsplash

Thou painted the pain
and immodestly left the blue vein
inside of the chest
I admit that I am a dumb
since I let the merry highland in my heart
turned into a miserable valley
And how stupid I am
for still believing that I can find
a piece of affection
a single piece of thy heart

11 April 2020

Photo by Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash

The man kept walking,
but once he stopped and sat under an oak tree.
The oak tree saw that man who was in despair.
Zi gave him a wind full of courage, power, strength and resilience.
The man decided to continue walking.
He still could see the small light that radiated the gleam of true love,
but on his way, he met a cherry tree.
The cherry tree gave him cherries full of adoration and love,
but suddenly he realized that the small light had gone.
He had no idea where he should go.
He kept walking and got lost,
but suddenly he met a birch tree.
The birch tree saw the incorrigible man.
Zi gave him the leaves of hope.
the man finally realized
that he had to stop chasing other lights
and lit his own light.

7 January 2021

Photo by Rosie Fraser on Unsplash

a young man had been walking all alone for miles.
He saw a small light far in the heart of a dense forest
that radiated the gleam of true love.
That was absolutely his reason for
bravely taking steps in.
He thought that it was a sign
that he might find
what he had been looking for.
He meticulously tried to find a way to get to that small light.
Days and months had passed.
He could still see the small light,
but he hadn’t reached it yet.
A mustard seed grain of faith and hope could be found in his eyes,
but you could also tell that he was tired and dreadful.
Do you think that he would stop walking and give up?

1 December 2020

Rahadian Dody

A divergent in the Potter's world - 22

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